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行銷英文,一點就通 III



王建民 老師表示,今 (103) 年調查局調查人員考試,英文作文的考題重點,即要求考生,寫出「吸睛的 Slogan 行銷台灣」。


1. 飯店業對「住房」的行銷

For a conference venue that will be unforgettable, few places on earth can match the beauty of Phuket. Away from the pressure of ringing phones and difficult customers, your valued employees can relax on Thailand 's paradise island, surrounded by the pure clear water of the Andaman Sea .

Accommodation is in local bamboo style bungalows set in 13 hectares of tropical vegetation. With very little traffic to disturb the peace, your staff can listen to the sounds of the birds and the wind in the palm trees. This is the perfect place to encourage communication, company loyalty, team spirit and successful sales forces.

*5 restaurants, 3 bars and a night club

* Conference facilities and equipment including white board, multi-system VCR, 16 mm movie projector, 70 mm screen, flipchart, sound system, cable microphone, basic flower arrangement, classroom set-up with stationary, etc.

* Swimming, snorkeling, tennis, squash, golf, archery, volleyball, basketball as well as table tennis.

( 99 台灣大學研究所)



住宿地點是位於 13 公頃 熱帶植物林中的竹子小屋。鮮有吵雜車聲擾人清靜,您的員工們在這裡可以聽見鳥聲和吹過棕櫚樹間的風聲。這是個鼓勵溝通、公司忠誠、團隊精神和成功銷售能力的完美地點。

* 5 家餐廳、 3 間酒吧和一間夜總會

* 會議廳設備、器材包括有白板、多系統 VCR 、 16 mm 電影投影機、 70 mm 螢幕、翻頁的掛圖紙、音響系統、有線麥克風、基本花卉裝飾、供應文具的教室等。

* 游泳、浮潛、網球、壁球、高爾夫球、射箭、排球、籃球和乒乓球。

2. 飯店業對「特殊節日」(情人節)的行銷


On 14th February 2014, the Sun Club, 30th Floor of Shining Hotel Taipei.

Say "I LOVE YOU" by the most romantic pool view in Taipei . For an unforgettable experience, book your Valentines dinner at The Sun Club with 4-set menu for NT 8,000 per couple.

For reservation or more information, please contact +8862 25122020 or facebook.com/shine Taipei



2014 年 2 月 14 日 在台北閃耀旅館 30 樓太陽俱樂部,擁有台北最羅曼蒂克的游泳池景觀旁說「我愛你」。想要一個令人難以忘懷的經驗,就在太陽俱樂部預約您的情人節四套組晚餐,每對情侶 8,000 元台幣。

若要預約或取得更多的資訊,請電 +886225122020 或是上臉書 facebook.com/shine Taipei

3. 飯店業的「禮品」行銷


From today until Valentine's Day, get your valentine gifts for your beloved one with chocolate rose in a box (NT 500), chocolate heart in a box (NT 300), Red & Gold heart-shaped chocolates--5 hearts (NT 350) / 9 hearts (NT 600), Valentines hamper with a bottle of Rose sparking wine, a box of chocolate and a teddy bear (NT 3,000).

Let us make your Valentine's Day memorable with us at Choclab, ground Floor of Shining Hotel Taipei .


準備在 "CHOCLAB" 購買您的情人節禮物

從今天起到情人節,替你心愛的人準備包括有盒裝巧克力玫瑰(台幣 500 元)、

盒裝心型巧克力(台幣 300 元)、紅色和金色心型巧克力五顆心(台幣 350 元) / 九顆心(台幣 600 元),以及內含一瓶玫瑰泡沫酒、一盒巧克力和泰迪熊一隻的禮品籃(台幣 3,000 元)等情人節禮物。

讓台北閃耀旅館一樓的 Choclab 給您一個難忘的情人節!

4. 飯店業的「服務」行銷

Only from 1st September to 30th September 2014

Hot candle wax works as a stimulant to boost blood circulation and can give much needed relief to muscular pains. Try our shooting hot Candle Massage at the Shining Hotel Spa and choose from candle aromas including fruity citrus, beautiful roses, and lavender. The treatment, which last for 120 minutes, is NOW priced at NT 4,000.

Available throughout September at the Shining Spa on the 40th floor of The Shining Hotel Taipei.


只限 2014 年 9 月 1 日 到 9 月 30 日 !

熱蠟燭蜜蠟可以刺激血液循環並能給您針對肌肉疼痛所需的放鬆。試試我們閃耀旅館水療池的射擊式熱蠟燭按摩,您可選擇包括水果柑橘類、美麗玫瑰和薰衣草等蠟燭香味。這個 120 分鐘的療程現在只要 4,000 元。

整個 9 月,台北閃耀旅館 40 樓的閃耀水療池皆提供此項服務。

5. 看似介紹飯店,實為「行銷」目的的信函


Dear Mr. Harris,

A warm welcome to the Shining Hotel Taipei and thank you for choosing to stay with us. Every member of our staff is here to make your time in our hotel and our city a truly memorable one.

Shining believes in living every moment with the spirit of happiness. Meanwhile, we invite you to share our culture, our spirit and our extensive range of services and facilities available to you.

Your comments are most welcome and appreciated. If there is anything we can do to make your stay with us more pleasurable, please do not hesitate to call on us. Our Shining Services are available 24 hours to assist you with any of your needs during your stay.

We are truly pleased to have you with us. We wish you enjoy your stay and return soon to this bustling metropolis.

Yours sincerely,

John Lawrence

General Manager





歡迎並感謝您提供您寶貴的意見。若有任何我們能夠使得你的住宿更加愉悅的地方,請不要客氣打電話給我們。閃耀旅館提供 24 小時的服務以滿足您在住宿期間所需要的一切。





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