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研究所與托福寫作全攻略 Part III


必考主題範文 II

There are social, medical and technical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. What forms do they take? Do you agree or disagree that the problems outweigh the benefits of mobile phones.           【 99 淡江研究所】



Topic sentence
Mobile phones are【1】 indispensable, used for instant and common【2】 communication in today's rustling society. However,【3】 a variety of problems including social, medical and technical one arise, which far outweigh the benefit they have brought.


Merits of cell phones
As is acknowledged , mobile phones have【4】 facilitated our lives in so many different ways. For example , mobile phones can be a helpful tool when an accident happens, to help the victims get aids immediately. People favor the convenience of mobile phones for communication, business, and emergency.


Demerits of cell phones

In contrast, the wide application of cellular phones also exerts negative influence on our society, impairs our health, and causes【5】 potential dangers. Indeed , it is a【6】 nuisance to be disturbed by the high voice from the cell phone in public. Moreover , scientific【7】 evidence has【8】 ascertained that radiation from cell phones has the potential harm to cause brain cancer and【9】 cardiovascular diseases. In addition , the technical defects would result in a serious of dangers, such as the【10】 interruption of【11】 navigation system of the aircraft.



It is reasonable to conclude , given the above argument, that with benefits from mobile phones, we should be【12】 cautious about the negative effects, which may endanger our existence, because the downsides really far exceed the merits.

舉一個常常在台灣看到的作文考題 "For many people, to have cell phones is…" 【 99 淡江研究所】做為另一個以對比呈現、以建議做為結論的考題,分析架構組織、句意呈現,及舉例證以說服讀者的範例。

首段以下定義的方式 (Definition) 說明手機的功能。

◎ 句型運用 1
S + be + C 是很常用的方法,如:
A lie is a false statement designed to convince with an incentive to cheat .
S  V    C       Vpp = Adj. ph     to + Vrt

因此首句便以 Mobile phones are … ,讀者可以在這樣句構的帶領下,很快便將" 萬事起頭難 " 的第
         S    V

第二句便以對比方式 (Contrast) ,以 However 點醒勿忘手機有其負面影響,並將 central idea (social, medical and technical) 之陳述要點先行列出。常用之對比副詞有 however 、 in contrast 、 nevertheless 、 nonetheless ,可以用來凸顯上下文句之差異。

第二段為 supporting evidence 。首句為 statement ,陳述本段落之主題為幫助生活上的各個層面,是手機 " 優點 " 之肯定: "have facilitated our lives" 。接下來便是舉例手機在 "accident" 以及 "emergency" 上之救命用途。

◎ 句型運用 2
本段之句型運用有 As is acknowledged, S + V 之強調事實的寫法。

It is generally believed that S + V
It is commonly accepted that S + V



S + V


又或以 "invite readers" 之方式,如:

We are


that S + V




或 No doubt that S + V ,以上都是用以堅定想法,來說服讀者的方式。 第三段一開始,便提醒讀者,接下來要討論的是 " 負面的影響 " 。

◎ 句型運用 3
句子運用上, in contrast 、 contradictory 、 as opposed to above ,都是常見的方式。在第一個句子裡,作者用三個動詞的平行 (exert 、 impair 、 cause) 將手機之負面影響陳述了出來。讀者應該很細心的看到作者的第二個技巧, " 手機 " 從 cell phones 成了第二段中的 mobile phones ,以及此段的 cellular phones 。

換同義字或詞類變化,以轉換句型,是寫作的一個簡單,卻又重要的技巧。讀者也看到每個句意當中,作者都用副詞: Indeed 、 Moreover 、 In addition ,將每個句子語意貫穿了起來,沒有突兀的感覺。

•  exerts negative influence on our society → disturbed by the high voice
•  impairs our health → cause brain cancer
•  causes potential dangers → interruption of navigation

這樣子的陳述方式清晰易懂,條理分明。 cause 與 effect 之因果關係更是無懈可擊。

至於結論段的建議,用手機雖有其方便之處 " with benefits from mobile phones " ,我們也要注意其對生活所造成的威脅,提醒讀者須謹慎小心。

◎ 句型運用 4
It is reasonable to conclude, ( 分詞片語 ), that S + V ,是一個簡易的分裂句型,可收句子畫龍點睛之效,提醒讀者我的結論是 "given the above argument"( 因為以上之陳述 ) 所推衍而來。

一般而言,研究所與托福,包括雅思,都要求 200-250 字左右之寫作。因此,本範文若讀者在句子、用字稍微轉換,便可成自己寫作的 " 模板 " ,先從較簡易、沒有太大困難的句子著手,較有學習之功效。


indispensable (a.) 不可或缺的

寫作時,可以 synonym 將相同語意之文字,做寫作上之變化,以免單調乏味。因此,若由同義字之轉換已達成寫作之目的,則可參考同義字字典 (Thesaurus) ,找出如 necessary 、 of critical importance 的寫法,在學習他人之句法時,形成自我之風格,但要注意用法、語意需相同。

communication (N.) 溝通
communications (N.) 通訊設備

a verity of + Ns 各式各樣的 …( 接名詞複數 )
可代之以 a myriad of 或 miscellaneous

facilitate (V.)
可代之以 agitate 或 motivate

potential (a.) 潛在的
potential danger 潛在之危險

nuisance (N.) 令人討厭的人或事

evidence (N.) 證據 ( 為不可數名詞 )
運用上可為 evident proof ( 明確之證據 )
或 It is evidenced that S+V ( 很明顯的, S+V)

ascertain (V.) 確定
為 as + certain 之字根字

cardiovascular disease (N.) 心血管疾病
為 cardio < heart 心>+ vascu < vascu 血管>+ lar 之字根字

interruption (N.)
inter < inter 穿入>+ rup <裂縫>+ tion

navigation (N.) 航行
為 navi < navy 海軍>字根字

cautious (a.) 小心翼翼的
可代之以 meticulous 或 circumspect


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