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Common business word partnerships: ‘serve as’
Today we’re going to learn the verb chunk ‘serve as’. The word partnerships which you can use with ‘serve as’ are very useful for showing the relationship between things, for example, the relationship between a text and a real business case: ‘This letter will serve as the basis for our agreement.’ The letter is a concrete representation of the agreement, which is a real business case.
Another relationship which you can show with this word partnership is the relationship between ‘concrete cases’ and ‘general procedure’. For example, ‘These changes will serve as an incentive to further innovation.’ The changes are concrete examples of further innovations which the writer wants to see implemented as procedure. There should always be a relationship which is easy to see between both parts of the sentence.
Task 1: Study the language bank and example sentences below.
serve as
 a model (for .n.p.)
 a memory (of n.p.)
 a reminder (of n.p.) (that v.p.)
 a reference (for n.p.)
 a starting point (for n.p.)
 an incentive (for n.p.)
 confirmation (of n.p.)
 confirmation (that v.p.)
 security (for n.p.)
 a basis (for n.p.)
 formal notice (that v.p.)
 a guide (for n.p.)
This memo from the IT department serves as a guide for all future software problems.
This letter serves as formal notice of our decision to terminate our contract.
We hoped these proposals would serve as a framework on which further development could be modeled.
We hope that her dismissal will serve as a warning to other employees.
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