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Common business idioms
This week we are going to look at some common idioms with ‘hold’ and ‘go’.
Task 1: Study the langauge banks and example sentences.
 things together
 the fort
 the purse strings
 not ~ water
 good for s/th
 your ground
 all the cards
 manage to keep things in order under very difficult conditions
 take responsibility for managing something in the absence of the real manager
 control the finances, especially budgets
 an argument which is false
 an argument which can apply to many different situations
 not let the other person win in an argument or  negotiation
 have all the advantages in a situation
 Our main customer has cancelled an order, our main competitor has made a hostile bid and the boss is away. I’m trying to hold things together until he gets back.
He left me holding the fort and went on vacation with his wife.
Unfortunately he holds the purse strings, so I can’t pay anyone until he gets back.
What you said doesn’t actually hold water in this case. The cases are so different.
His theory of business holds good in any market: always focus on the next sale.
I’m not going to let them win this negotiation. I’m going to hold my ground until I get what I want.
Unfortunately, our competitors already held all the cards. It was difficult to steal market share from them.
 hand in hand with s/th
 beyond a joke
 back a long way
 in one ear and out the  other
 pear shaped
 touch-and-~ (as to ‘wh’)
 from the word ~
 from strength to strength
 to my head
 share the cost of a meal or drink equally
 get really angry about something
 two things are connected to each other
 a situation is getting more and more serious
 be very old friends or acquaintances
 never remember what people tell you
 a situation goes wrong, or not according to plan
 success is not guaranteed (Never change the verb tense)
 from the very beginning (Never change the verb tense)
 get stronger and more successful
 become arrogant and proud as a result of success or praise
 That was a great meal. Thanks for inviting me. It must have been very expensive. I insist on going Dutch.
My boss went nuts when he found out I lost that major client.
High taxes go hand in hand with high profits, I’m afraid.
The situation has gone beyond a joke now. We need to fix it.
The CEO and I go back a long way: we were classmates in kindergarten, can you believe it!
He never remembers people’s names. They go in one ear and out the other!
Our plans for expansion have all gone pear shaped since the market for our products started shrinking.
It’s touch and go as to whether I will get the job.
I didn’t like her from the word go. I thought she was nasty.
The company went from strength to strength in the first 20 years of its existence.
I’m trying not to let the amazing success of my new company go to my head.
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