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Common business idioms
A few weeks ago we looked at some common business word partnerships with ‘do’ and ‘have’. This month we are going to look at some common idioms with these verbs. Let’s begin with ‘have.’
Task 1: Study the language bank and example sentences.
 a lot to answer for
 your back against the wall
 a bash at s/th
 a crack at s/th
 an eye for s/th
 your finger in every pie
 friends in high places
 a good mind to
 it on good authority
 your hands full
 it in for s/o
 a head start
 s/th in mind
 a nose for s/th
 second thoughts (about s/th)
 a word with s/o (about s/th)
 be to blame for a lot of things which have gone wrong
 be unable to get out of a very difficult situation
 be good at noticing something
 be involved in every small detail
 have a lot of guan xi with powerful people
 be thinking about and threaten to take serious action
 someone you trust told you a secret
 be too busy to take on more work
 dislike someone and try to harm them professionally
 be winning over the competition
 be considering a new course of action
 be good at seeing opportunities
 have doubts about something and want to change your  mind about a course of action
 talk to someone about an important subject.
Because of him, the company went bankrupt, we lost our jobs and the bank manager committed suicide. He really has a lot to answer for.
We have our backs against the wall. Unless the market situation improves, we’ll have to close the company.
This new computer game is fun. Here, you try. Have a bash at this. Go on, you can do it! Have a crack at it.
She has a very good eye for detail. That’s why she’s quality control manager.
The company would run a lot better if the boss’s wife didn’t have her finger in every pie.
He’s got lots of friends in high places. That’s why we get so many government contracts.
I’ve a good mind to report him to the police.
I have it on good authority that we are going to buy out our competitor.
Sorry, I can’t take on any more jobs right now. I’ve got my hands full with the Princeton project.
I think he’s got it in for me. He’s always telling lies about me to the boss.
They have a head start on us in this new market. We need to work really hard to catch up.
So what do you have in mind for the new strategy?
She’s got a nose for the market. She made a lot last year on her investments.
I’m having second thoughts about our strategy. I think we’re doing it wrong.
Can I have a word with you about my salary please?
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